February 6 06

eternal question of the day…

how on earth is it possible to weigh one thing on friday morning and to weigh 5 1/2 pounds more on monday morning. it’s not, right?

granted, i wasn’t exactly watching what i ate this weekend…had sushi and wine on friday night, a big meal for lunch on saturday, sushi and chocolate cake on saturday night…but on sunday? the day of the superbowl…when most people pack in about 2000 calories just eating snacks….the entire freakin day all i ate was…3 cookies and 2 brownies. oh, and a bite of joshie’s grilled cheese. that’s it. the whole day.

how on earth did i gain 5 pounds?
goodbye pre-pregnancy weight.
hello flabbity-flab-flab.
it was nice while it lasted.


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