December 22 05

y’all know which one i’m talking about.
the worst mother in the world award.

emily had a birthday party this afternoon.
what kind of name is that anyway?
anyway, i knew it was this afternoon, but somehow the invitation got thrown out.

then at about 4:00, i found on one of our calendars that the party was at 3:30.
who the heck makes a party at 3:30 in the afternoon on a thursday??

so, i know the last name is shulman, so i looked it up on canada 411. i thought i remembered the party being on york hill, so i found a shulman on york hill. we raced out of the house, only to find the house deserted.

so, by now it’s 4:30 – halfway through the party.
i call shana. no one home.
i don’t know anyone else from her class’ numbers offhand, so we drove home.

poor emily.
i looked at her. she was fighting back the tears. i could see them welling up in her eyes.
then she burst out crying, “it’s not fair.”

i feel awful.
the thing is, though, that she doesn’t even like Puli.
but, she’s still upset.
i offered her everything and anything i could think of.
she didn’t bite.
now she’s sitting on my bed, depressed.


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