January 4 05

oh, this morning was a sad, sad day in new years resolution land.
I lost it with Emily. it’s only January 4th. shit. that was way too quick.
Every morning at 8, my nanny is supposed to begin working. from 8-8:30, i’m supposed to have my mommy prep time where i attempt to transform myself from my sweatpants, disheveled, mommy self into a presentable working woman. It gets rather difficult when your daughter is standing at your door pounding and screaming her head off (i got smart and put the child safety lock on the door – so she can’t get in).
anyway, i got very frustrated, and so i yelled. i hate that i yell. it teaches her one thing. to yell.

and to top it all off, i was running late this morning because i had the make the stew for dinner. it sits in the crock pot all day so i wanted to make sure i got it on before i left for work. i frantically peeled potatoes and chopped carrots and onions. but now, even after being washed with soap three times, my hands still stink of onions. sick.


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