November 14 05

~~absolutely negative chemistry between the drs shepherd…but, in that elevator, holy crap, that was hot. methinks mcdreamy needs to start taking the stairs.

~~love pregnant Bailey. i totally did not see that coming.

~~while i agree that Cristina is hot, and has an AWESOME body, body-clinging, form-fitting satin does not flatter anyone.

~~i adore the awkwardness between Yang and Burke. “You eat red meat?” “You don’t?!!”

~~didn’t love the George storyline. wasn’t he a little slow realizing why the guy wasn’t all that happy to have survived? and george wearing the beak around his neck? ew!

~~did anyone catch what their friends’ names were?? Savvy? Weiss?

~~Daisy: “We don’t like sick people.” George: “You’re in a hospital.”

~~aw. how sweet were the old couple with the “Bridge of Sighs”


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