January 5 05

What an episode! awesome.

Okay, there’s so much to talk about, but let’s start with Freddy. My rewind button on my tivo came in handy when Freddy (in his 80’s glasses – i swear, i had a pair just like that….when i was 12) was getting ready to beat the shit out of whoever dropped the gate. I must have paused and rewinded (or is it rewound?) 10 times and didn’t see anything other than Hera taking a big blow as well. And then, Freddy, oh Freddy, didn’t your mother teach you anything? Don’t vomit in your soup bowl. that’s good advice, especially when you are required to finish the bowl. My heart truly went out to the idiot when he had to eat his own puke. and….gee..thanks Kendra for pointing out the puke on the floor…way to be supportive…

my new favorites to win? Adam and Rebecca! I heart her so much. She’s an animal when it comes to sucking spicy Hungarian soup. and just seeing the look on Jonathan’s face when he realized that Victoria wasn’t going to make it….priceless. And, she just wanted to hang out with the cool kids. Poor Rebecca….she has to spend time with her “girlfriend” even though she’s completely not at all into him anymore. I am not sure why they were so late getting to the pit stop though…

Kris called Aaron “Haaron” – she’s awesome. and her…”Ooh, it’s very vibratey.”
and i loved her support for Victoria during the soup…since it was clear that Jonathan was no help to her. “Drama queen.” “You’re doing it wrong.”

I’m kind of sad to see Gus and Hera go…but not sad that they chose to not do the polo (gus in a speedo…narsty….not to be confused with Jon in a speedo…yum)

Welcome to Budapest! Hungary! ’nuff said. i’m still giggling. it’ll never get old.

  1. I agree, a great show!! So many things to talk about but the best was the “Welcome to Budapest, Hungary!”…just made me want to go!! I wish bad things upon Jonathan, he makes me so mad! The two of them are way to volatile to be in a relationship, he is just crazy and she is too emotional. Oh well! Thanks for the updates…love your blog!!


    Comment by Shannon on January 5, 2005

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