June 30 06

so, i’m working monday.
so, while the entire country is bbq-ing and holiday-ing, i’ll be work-ing.
but, the good news is that i got the day off today.

want to hear what thrilling and oh-so-exciting things i did with my day off???
well, for starters, i left the house at 8 (actually EARLIER than on a regular work day), rode the bus halfway downtown, then realized i had left one of the important forms that i needed, got off the subway, got back on going to opposite way, got the form, stopped at starbucks and got a quick coffee with the husband, and got right back on the subway again.
made it to the US consulate at 10:30 (only 2 hours after i thought i’d be there), got a number – 096 – when they were only on 78 – and sat and waited. and waited. and waited.
but- dromroll please – by just a few minutes after 12, the paperwork was complete and my daughter isabella has officially claimed her US citizenship. woohoo! just in time for her to celebrate her independence on tuesday.

are you getting jealous yet??

then i came home, yelled at my daughter because she broke a mirror and immersed my brush in water (ew). yelled at my son for wiping his face on his clean white t-shirt. took the three kids for pictures. came home. dropped them off. went back to the superstore and went food shopping.

i need to learn how to actually TAKE a day off.
i need a nap.

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