October 31 05

~~damn you elevator scene!! Bailey rocked it the entire episode. married 10 years and not even getting to finish her lobster. she’s my hero.

~~i take issue with the salmon colored scrubs as well!!

~~does anyone else prefer Meredith when she’s drunk. i thought she was great last night. “Did I say pick me”?

~~i actually wasn’t all that bothered by cellphone lady kicking it. she bugged the hell out of me with her “some redneck tried to outrun the train…”

~~i thought it was funny that the ‘newborn’ babies were bigger than Isabella.

~~Satan’s Whore..i like that! is it bad of me to want Derek to be punished and not end up with either one of them??? i’ve been rooting for Meredith the whole time, but now i’m kind of thinking that Derek is an ass. a hot ass. but, an ass just the same. he said to Meredith, “she’s my wife.” but he wasn’t exactly thinking that when he was sleeping with Meredith…was he? my heart hurts for Meredith.

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