September 9 04

~~ Oh, Britney, Britney, Britney…once again, showing your true class. Sure, she managed to get photographed eating cheetoes with her white-trash fiance, kissing in pools, and un-hygenically (barefoot! egads!) using public bathrooms, but the girl couldn’t make it to her own charity camp for underprivileged 11-to-15-year olds. She also failed to make an appearance at the dedication of the Britney Spears Foundation Room at the Onyx Hotel in Boston earlier this summer. Just remember, Britney, it’s all about the fans…and they are beginning to exit, stage left.

~~ Anyone else find this slightly too predictable? Martha Stewart can’t begin serving her sentence because there are “no beds available” in jail. surprise, surprise.

~~ It seems it’s really final jeopardy for Ken Jennings. Subject: Companies and Corporations. The Answer: This company has a workforce of 17000 people, whose average working year is only 4 months long. anyone wanna take a stab? Ken couldn’t get it…so what hope do you have? So, he walked away with 2.5 million dollars, after winning 74 games. holy crap.

~~ The Apprentice 2 begins tonight at 8:30 EST. You know where I’ll be.

  1. 1) leave britney alone. she’s still a super hot sex goddess
    2) Can’t martha stewart build a damn bed? out of logs or popscicle sticks or something?
    3) Ken you fool… it’s gotta be the government ;-)…
    4) you know where I won’t be…

    Comment by Giblet on September 9, 2004

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