October 20 04

Well, it wouldn’t be the same around here if we didn’t have a good ole Olsen update. It seems that Miss Mary-Kate is leaving both NYU and NYC to seek greener pastures and less pressure in LA. Her spokesman insists that she did not drop out of school and she is on the west coast for “business reasons” Methinks that business reasons is another way to say, eating disorder relapse. but, only time will tell on that one.

There can’t be too much trouble in the “newlyweds” Nick and Jessica’s paradise…or at least in their sex lives. After their water was turned off they asked a neighbor if they could use their bathroom to freshen up…and they did, and took a shower together.

It seems Kirsten Dunst couldn’t live without her boy toy, stay-at-homer Jake Gyllenhaal. US weekly has pictures of them out and about….and they were kissing!

As if Michael Jackson didn’t have enough problems….his sister LaToya is claiming that the King of Pop did not invent the moonwalk, his signature move and biggest claim to fame (except maybe his relationship with Macaulay Culkin or his famous dangling baby incident…). She claims that a dancer from the television show “Soul Train” taught Michael how to backslide, which Michael then changed to Moonwalk.


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