January 31 05

~~ um…on the yum scale of 1-10, this is oh, about 26 territory…

“I’ve had pole-dancing lessons. It’s all the craze in London. It’s a great
form of exercise and really good for the upper thighs.”
–Reputed strippercize enthusiast Jude Law in Globe

~~ oh, so that’s what you are supposed to do with all that extra space. rent it out. You actually CAN get everything on ebay.

~~ Everyone remember Leroy Wells from American Idol last week? “Can you dig it”? You can check out his audition here. The poor guy had to watch his television debut from jail. He was arrested earlier this month for reportedly shooting a hand gun into an occupied vehicle.

~~ It seems that Katie Couric tried to pull a James Bond by sneaking a lipstick camera into Donald Trump’s wedding. Unfortunately for Ms. Couric, she’s not the best secret agent and got busted by the bride herself.

~~ finally, someone agrees with me, even if it is Simon Cowell.
“Not sexy, she hasn’t got a great body, and she’s not a great singer.” – these were his comments when asked about Beyonce. I wonder if he shares my opinins on Angelina Jolie too…

  1. You have made my boyfriend’s day with the whole Leroy Well’s thing. He laughed so hard at that poor boy and was thrilled when I called him with your gossip! Just wanted to let you know!! Thanks!!


    Comment by Shannon on January 31, 2005
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