April 6 05

~~I’m so bummed to see the brothers go. i loved them.

~~racers! are you listening? First rule of Amazing Race – Read. The. Clue. Second rule of Amazing Race – Read. The Clue. Again. Uchenna and Joyce got lucky, but unfortunately the brothers did not.

~~I smiled when the boyfriends started putting on layers of clothing. hysterical. “Will you put on underwear like it’s a headband?” but also quite brilliant. and “How many gay guys does it take to milk a goat?” classic.

~~ah, Phil love. “The Fashion police is going to arrest you here in Africa.”

~~Ron and Kelly are sooo annoying. they have to leave this show. soon. Ron’s a dick (“ballet girl!”) and Kelly’s a bitch (“You’re a piece of trash redneck.”)


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