July 14 06

Feast One Hundred & Two
Name one thing nice that you could do for someone else today.
i am helping my friend Ilana with her fundraiser…so when i went to the employee store (yes, I got in this week and didn’t get kicked out…it helps that i came to work dressed like sporty spice…!!) i didn’t buy a thing for myself…everything i got was for the fundraiser.

When was the last time you were frightened by the weather?
it was actually just this week. i am not usually afraid of weather….but sometimes i get frightened by lightning that looks like it’s close to the ground. and it rained and rained and rained one day this week…(monday?) and i was a little scared..i know, i’m a wuss.

What would you say is the most useful website or blog that you visit?
useful? http://pro.corbis.com/ I use it on a daily basis for work.

Main Course
Who was your favorite singer/group when you were a child?
wow. there are too many. i had my new kid on the block stage (what girl didn’t?!) so i really liked them when i was 12. after that i was all over the place musically, even as a kid. for a while i was very into u2, Billy Joel, Elton John…etc. then, i moved on to alternative – green day, smashing pumpkins, stone temple pilots, pearl jam and the like and then at 16, for a short while, i was heavily influenced by some cool new yorkers (well, they were cool at the time) and went heavy into heavier things like candlebox and nine inch nails. then i moved on to the chicks – – Sarah McLachlan and Indigo Girl-y.
and now i’m totally still all over the place. i can appreciate all walks of music.

Do you have any rituals? If so, what are they?
rituals? well, i do the same thing in the shower every day, in the same order….that seems ritualistic to me…does that count?


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