March 31 06

Feast Eighty-Seven

Name 3 things that you think are strange.

1) people who think that stoplights are the perfect location for nose-picking.
2) kimmel in rye bread. why, people, why?
3) people who wear socks and sandals

What was the last ceremony you attended?

the husband’s first cousin just got married. we went to that ceremony.

What is one lesson you have learned in the past year?

sometimes you CAN get what you wish for. i wanted a big roly poly baby. and guess what? after having two chicken babies….i got my wish! she’s so delicious and fat!

Main Course
Tell us about one of your childhood memories.

just one? here’s one that always sticks out in my mind. when i was about 12, we went on a family trip to LA. we were staying in the Beverly Hills Hotel (which we thought was beyond cool) and my sister, my brother and i decided to have a “who can dance the roger rabbit better?” contest. in the front lobby. and just as we were about to award Jonathan the blue ribbon, we got asked to leave the hotel. actually asked to leave!!

If you could extend any of the four seasons to be twice as long as normal, which season would you want to lengthen?

summer!! i love summer!

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