April 15 05

Q1: What are your favorite sections of a bookstore?
the bestseller section, the children’s section (of course…gotta check out the competition…) and I love the bargain section.

Q2: If you knew for certain that it would extend your life expectancy by 8 years, would you reduce your daily caloric intake by 30%?
in a heartbeat. a small price to pay for 8 more years with my family.

Q3: If you have Caller ID on your phone, do you answer incoming calls from people you know any differently than from people whose number’s you do not recognize, or do you just say “Hello” in the same tone and inflection regardless of who it is that’s calling? If you do not have Caller ID, are there times when you wish you did?
i usually answer the same way. unless it’s the husband or something and then i just say “hi”

Q4: When eating a meal, do you eat a little of each item until you’re done with everything on your plate, or do you eat each item one at a time until that item has been completely consumed, and then move on to the next item on your plate? Regardless of which way you do it, do you think it’s odd when you see someone else doing it the other way?
i eat a little bit of everything until i’m done. i think everyone’s eating habits are weird (including my own), and i try not to look at other people while they’re eating 🙂


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