November 17 16

Well, the good news is that my foot is likely not broken. Black and blue and twice its normal size, but not broken. My kids are thrilled that I can still do their laundry and that it’s my left foot, so I can still drive them. This is what I’m focusing on right now, the good news. #findthelight I’m officially hashtagging it, which you may have noticed if you follow me on social media. It’s also fitting, really, since I’m a photographer and I chase light for a (partial) living.

Because, as I predicted, social media—Facebook especially—has become even more fatiguing after the election. And, you guys, I really like to be right, but this time I wish I wasn’t. Everyone was like, “oh I can’t wait until November 9th, because whoever wins, it’ll finally be over and we can all get back to posting photos of the two things I thought I hated most on social media: your food and your pedicures.” But alas, no. It’s worse. Way worse. It’s become a place that reminds me a little too much of what Andy Dufresne crawled to his freedom through. And don’t tell me you don’t know what I’m talking about: You’ve seen Shawshank Redemption because it’s on every single day on TBS and because you are on Facebook.

I’m ashamed to know some of the people who I know — of how they are behaving on the internet right now, of some of the things I’m afraid that they feel in their hearts. I’m ashamed of myself for being too quiet, for choosing to keep some of my opinions to myself, because it’s exhausting to argue with people who aren’t actually listening. It’s also really time-consuming. I didn’t even have time to go and get an x-ray on said likely not broken foot. [Sidebar: You know you need to change some things when “taking a little me-time” means “taking a shower and maybe if I’m lucky shaving my legs.”] I really don’t have the time to read articles and comment threads, get angry, and get finger tap-tap-tapping. You’ve all been down that wormhole. And, of course, you know you have to choose every single word carefully, because the person with whom you are arguing? He or she is going to nitpick every single syllable. Nitpick, yes, but listen, nope. I have exercised my right to click the “hide” button and to click the X instead of posting.

So while too many people I know are wasting too much time and energy nitpicking (see? there it is again) the word anti-semite (“is he or isn’t he where is the evidence”) and ignoring the Breitbart factor (keep the word, people, I certainly don’t need it to know that Steve Bannon belongs nowhere in a position of power in The White House) I went and started a new job. [I know what you are thinking — Is she some kind of sorcerer? Is her hidden superpower TIME MAKING?!] It’s a part-time consulting gig, helping a local three-campused Jewish Day school with communications and marketing. I’m kind of ridiculously excited about it, and it has been a good place to channel some of my energy.

I’ve also been working to #findthelight.

Like this person’s not-grandma.

And this cinnamon bun shaped like an anguished ET.

And this pile of class photos that arrived from the printer today.


And these letters from kids to President Elect Donald Trump asking him to be kind.

Like the heart-shaped biscuits we ate for dinner last night.

Like the 100% Emily got on the math test she was sure she failed.

Like being completely booked with photography shoots until the new year.

Like this unseasonably warm November.

Like Better Things, the show. It’s amazing. See also: This Is Us.

Like this beauty.

Like likely not having a broken foot.


But seriously would it kill the Packers to, you know, WIN a game once in a while?


  1. Oh man, we’ve discussed it, but This Is Us is my favorite! LOVE!

    Thank you for this post!

    Comment by Kristabella on November 18, 2016
  2. It actually makes me crazy emotional when I watch. It’s a special show, I think.

    Comment by ali on November 18, 2016

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