November 29 04

So, Mrs. Huber dies, and Susan gets laid. it’s about time. for both of them.

I hope they begin to give Gabrielle some heart. She started out as my favorite housewife…but i’m slowly (well, not so slowly) being turned off by her. I really liked her unhappily married-sleeping with the gardener storyline. But, there’s no goodness in her. They need to make us root for her, not for the grieving Carlos.

I heart Lynette. and Felicity Huffman plays her perfectly. And alas…she actually does have 4 kids! i don’t think all 4 of them have been in the same episode since the first one. I loved her in the park – she was great. and it really showed that these women ARE actually friends. But, honestly, if you were going for acupuncture, would you shlep along your 4 kids and expect them to sit quietly -by themselves – in a waiting room….methinks not.

Oh, Bree, you poor thing. Your children are monsters. and someone needs to beat the shit out of Andrew.

Did anyone else catch the blender that Mrs. Huber takes out and then gest whacked with?…it all comes full circle….

  1. Who is Mrs. Huber? We watched most of the show last night because my mother-in-law has been raving about it. I didn’t really like it, maybe it was just the episode. But I was curious to see who got whacked. And what was up with the cash and the gun in that guy’s house?

    I had to put the baby to bed so I missed almost the entire last half hour.

    Comment by Sean on November 29, 2004
  2. You can ignore my question about Mrs. Huber. I just scrolled down and saw your summary, which is very well done. But I’m still in the dark about the gun and money.

    Comment by Sean on November 29, 2004
  3. We aren’t 100% sure why Mike is on Wisteria Lane.
    We know that he’s there because this guy hired him to investigate the people in the neighborhood. he’s got information and pictures of just about everyone.

    The guy’s daughter came to town last week. She told Susan to wonder why someone like Mike is there…So, Susan is slightly suspicious.

    That’s about all we know.

    Comment by Ali on November 29, 2004
  4. I don’t think that was his daughter. I think that was the daughter of Mary-Alice’s father, aka her sister, and my guess is he’s there to find out why she killed herself.

    Comment by Ping-ji on November 29, 2004
  5. i meant the daughter of the guy who hired Mike. i just don’t know name. the guy he sat on the park bench with?? do you think that he is Mary Alice’s father?

    Comment by Ali on November 30, 2004
  6. Oh, sorry. I was confused. I think it might be!

    Comment by Ping-ji on November 30, 2004

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