July 28 04

~ Sorry….I’m just getting prepared for tonight’s episode of The Simple Life. “Do you Love It?” and “That’s hot” have officially been entered into my vocabulary. Okay, last week, when Nicole said that she was a masseuse in Korea….well…that was hot. 🙂

~ this is my name in Chinese –

~ anyone watch the Amazing Race last night? a few rants and raves about the episode:

1. okay…Charla in the hockey padding was just about the funniest thing I’ve seen in months. I swear i was peeing in my pants when Gav turned to me and said, “She doesn’t have any gloves.” I was like, “Gloves? She doesn’t have any hands!”

2. okay…Brandon not wanting to drink the shot because they are good Christians. Okay….where was his WWJD conscience when they plotted against their foursome to get plane tickets behind everyone’s backs. Yes, that’s what a good Christian would do.

3. okay…watching the girls eat the caviar!! 2 freakin’ pounds of caviar. What were the men thinking letting their women do the eating – didn’t any of these people ever watch a reality tv show?? hello? McFly? Anyone who has seen Survivor, Fear Factor or even past episodes of the Amazing Race should know that food challenges = you are going to have to eat something nasty. Chip got it right for once – go Chip!! He deserved first place – did you see the way he devoured that caviar??!


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