June 3 05

or do you buy a brassiere??? (it’s only good if you are singing the song…and if you actually know the song…you are aces in my book!)

okay..so, i’m totally screwed in the bra department.
i’m in need of a 32DD that had really short straps.
guess what? these do not exist.

if i go for the 34 dd, the straps fall down.
if i go for the 32 d, i’m lopping out the sides of the cups.

it’s driving me crazy.
i’ve tried maternity bras – which tend to have too much material for me.
i’ve tried regular bras – which tend to be too unsupportive.

my life was much easier when i was a 32B 🙂 i could go into any store and buy perfectly fitted bras.

now i need an interior decorator to make these puppies look normal.


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