May 9 05

~~ I love me some Desperate Housewives, but last night’s episode wasn’t its usual great. the husband thinks it has jumped the shark…i’m hoping it’s just making way for a kick-ass season finale. let’s hope that i’m right and he’s wrong.

~~ “You can have an affair with anyone you want, and you choose a pharmacist? You’re such a Republican.” best. line. of. the. night. I love Edie. almost as much as i love Bree.

~~ “It seems like a reasonable precaution since you killed Martha and all. Would you like a cookie?” Felicia is AWESOME.

~~ I actually LOVED Lynette last night. for the first time. perhaps it’s because i’ve been there – a stay at home mom who constantly smells of baby puke or perhaps it’s because she wasn’t making a complete ass of herself like she usually does. BUT, i do think that all she needed to do was take Tom upstairs to the shower…

~~ thank heavens that Susan’s mom is gone.

~~ ew. Tom in a bikini brief? off to lose my dinner now…

~~ “I’m going to get really fat as a tribute to your mother.” ha! Gabrielle cracks me up. i thought Carlos was going to jail? is that not happening any time soon?


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