July 14 05

yesterday, after my computer blew up on me (this is not a joke…my screen started sparking, and then just shut off and began ticking…it was very, very scary) and i realized that there was no air in the building, i left work early.

it was nice to get home a little early. i took my nanny by surprise, though, because she was making some very strange concoction with my hand blender. all i saw were random fruits and milk…i had to run upstairs because just the idea of it was grossing me out. ew.

then i drove downtown to the husband’s office. it was insane. i left my house at exactly 4 o’clock and by 4:25 i was downtown, in front of his office. i couldn’t believe it. i thought it was going to take me an hour. it was nice though – we were able to walk around downtown and see the st. lawrence market, which was pretty cool to see, even though they didn’t have any salt water taffy…

then we went to see Batman Begins, which, surprisingly, i rather enjoyed. and all you people who said that Katie Holmes ruined the movie? she really wasn’t bad, i thought. she still does the weird eye thing that she did on Dawson’s Creek, though.

all in all, it was such a nice evening, except for one thing. i had my first experience with ankle swelling. i guess it wasn’t really my fault. i was walking around for over an hour, over 8 months pregnant, in 98 degree heat. i was asking for it, really. as we were walking, i looked down at the sausages i used to call my feet, and got very, very upset about it. but, alas, the second we walked into the theater and sat down, the sausages magically turned back into my feet. thank goodness. i’m rather fond of them.


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