November 3 05

i have this pesky tooth all the way at the back of my mouth.
when i was 15, i had a root canal done on it.
when i was 17, i had a crown put on it.
when i was 20, the crown fell off and i had a new one put on.
when i was 21, that crown fell off and that one was replaced with a new one.
when i was 25, my dentist recommended replacing the crown for a better one. he then said i would need to have a crown lengthening done (because the tooth was so close to the gum line, they would have to remove some of the gum in order to place the crown) and then remove the impacted wisdom tooth that was next to it (he actually recommended removing all 4 at once), and only then could they give me a new crown.

i never had these things done.
and then my dentist moved to florida.

my new dentist, original dentist’s father, is a much, much smarter man.
“oh, you don’t need a crown lengthening, and your wisdom teeth can stay put. i can do a crown on that tooth. no problem.”

what every girl who hates the dentist likes to hear. no problem.

well…today i went in for the first of two appointments and now i have a temporary crown until next thursday when they place the real one. and then i’ll hopefully be done with this annoying tooth.

so, now i’m in pain. lots of it. and i’m talking like a freakshow because i’m part numb, part not numb, and part tingly. grr.


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