November 6 06

this morning, as i was racing out the door, late as usual, i took a slight detour and had me a big ole’ bite of Buzz Lightyear birthday cake (note to self: cake. must. be. destroyed.) I convinced myself that i NEEDED the cake. it was a long weekend and the little sugar energy boost was just what i needed to get me to work and stay awake. uh huh, sure.

seriously, though, this really was a busy weekend. the busiest i can remember in a long time. between having the husband’s whole family over (well…minus the ones who live out of town and his mother, who was in Israel). and heading down to Metro Mama’s to meet her and the other Toronto Mommy Bloggers. and making a birthday party for a bunch of 4-year-old rugrats. and getting an actual real-live babysitter (that we had to pick up, and teach how to use the tv and actually pay!) to head to Fry and Tova’s for paninis and ice cream. needless to say, i’m wiped.

When i got Julie’s evite, i didn’t reply right away. I had so many reservations about going. about putting myself out there. was i ready for people to get to know the real me? it is so much easier to hide behind an online persona. it is so much easier to be some faceless girl sitting at a screen and typing on a keyboard. it’s an entirely different story when you’re one-on-one and in the flesh. also…it wasn’t like i could hide behind my kids or anything.

but once i realized that husbands were invited as well, i threw caution to the wind and figured that very worse come to worse, i can force him not to leave my side for the night (which i did, and he so kindly obliged).

turns out, i worried for nothing. It was totally normal. I met so many of the Toronto mommy bloggers. it wasn’t uncomfortable. there were no awkward silences. i had a great time! i had such a good time that there were a few bloggers there that i didn’t even get a chance to meet! and, because i had to get up and make a birthday party in the morning, i both a) didn’t drink too much. which was a good thing because i tend to get way way loose in the lips when i’m drunk. and b) didn’t get to talk to Catherine enough. she came late, we left early. actually, come to think of it, i’m not sure i got to talk to anyone enough.

next time, ladies. next time. and next time i will actually use the camera that i brought (it was SOO incredibly un-Ali-like to NOT take photos.)

in the meantime, come check out Fabulous today for the dish on the giggles and jiggles party…or perhaps it was at jiggles and giggles…i can’t even remember…but it was good, good times.


  1. Crap! I wish I’d known about that – I would have come up to see everyone! It’s only a couple of hours drive for me…but SO worth it!

    Comment by Karen Rani on November 6, 2006
  2. Another reason Toronto is a great place. Maybe some day my city with have a Blogfest.

    Comment by Jodi on November 6, 2006
  3. Lucky you guys! The Toronto get-together sounds like it was a lot of fun.
    And yeah, there’s nothing more dangerous than a spare birthday cake lolling around the fridge!

    Comment by Rebecca on November 6, 2006
  4. I feel like there were so many people I didn’t talk to enough! Next time.

    I’m pissed I didn’t take any pictures.

    Comment by metro mama on November 6, 2006
  5. next time you see her bad mother, squeeze her for me and tell her i miss her tremendously!!!!

    Comment by jennster on November 6, 2006
  6. I was happy for the handful of minutes that we had together – but I need more!

    Comment by Catherine - Her Bad Mother on November 6, 2006
  7. I feel like a big loser for not going. Next time. Promise next time. 🙂

    Comment by haley-o on November 6, 2006
  8. don’t be silly, Hales.
    i totally was with you on the reservations. next time we’ll go together 🙂

    Comment by amartell on November 6, 2006
  9. Buzz Lightyear birthday cake was what I need this morning to get going.

    It is always fun to hang out with the ladies! (and spouses too.) I still want to know how one can be so talented, fabulous and young?

    Comment by something blue on November 6, 2006
  10. sounds like a terrific time – yet another reason of many to wish i was canadian.

    Comment by jen on November 6, 2006
  11. Ali & other mama bloggers, sounds like you had a fantastic time. The first time meeting IRL is always the hardest – example: my fellow MMM’s (MadMarchMums 2003) and I zip across Australia each year to meet up with each other at “meets” and some of my very closest and dearest friends are in the group. We also talk daily online and of course, IRL on the phone. What has started out as “virtual” support during our respective pregnancies (we got together in July 2002 – wow nearly 4 1/2 years now!) has evolved into something really special…and I wouldn’t do without it for the world.

    Having said that – WAAAAAAH, I wish I was still living in TO sometimes so I could meet some of you IRL too.

    Glad you had fun.

    Comment by Heidi on November 6, 2006
  12. Reading the above has actually made me commit to meeting Ali & Haley when I come home next time for a visit — thinking about 2008 sometime!

    Comment by Heidi on November 6, 2006
  13. Glad you had a good time with them! Maybe next time I am in TO, I’ll let you know too!

    Comment by Jay on November 8, 2006
  14. SO glad to finally meet you!

    Comment by Sunshine Scribe on November 8, 2006

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