February 27 06

~~ “Are his problems surgical?!” I love love loved Cristina and Burke at the end of the episode. they are so cute in their own weird way.

~~ best line? “Good God O’Malley, what did Grey do to you?”

~~ okay, the whole sobbing-during-sex scene? seriously? i didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. and “You’re almost done, right?” poor, poor George. Meredith is very very damaged. i pity her.

~~ Alex is 100% right. Meredith gets drunk and has sex with inappropriate men. It’s totally her thing. loved him all happy with the paddles, btw.

~~ Bailey love. “I’m not mentally challenged” “I’m not so sure about that” The Bailey and Addison scenes – the poison oak, the spontaneous lactating, the va-jay-jay – classic. and baby totally trumps husband any day of the week and twice on sundays.

~~ and did anyone else laugh hysterically when George fell down the stairs??? anyone??

~~as usual, i got no previews for next week…anyone?

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