July 26 04

Last night i watched a copy of A Cinderella Story. No, i did not pay to see the movie. As hot as Chad Michael Murray is, I do not pay to see movies like this. I barely pay to see the big blockbuster movies…

Anyone who has seen the preview for this movie is most likely familiar with the costume that Hilary Duff wears to the “ball” – it’s essentially a wedding gown with a little eye patch covering her eyes. It’s clearly Hilary Duff. If you can’t figure that out, like our conquering hero in the movie couldn’t, you don’t have any right to get the girl in the end. You are looking straight at her, but when you walk right by her the next day in school, you can’t figure it out!?! You are a bonehead.

Anyway, the watching bootlegged copies of movies – i especially love when you can see people’s heads as they get up to use the bathroom – reminds me of my morning movie quote of the day – it’s from Reality Bites:

“Oh, oh is this like a, is this like a pirate operation?”
“Do I look like a pirate to you?”

  1. Why do people who buy VCDs lose complete perspective of what the quality of films should be?
    How many times have you heard – oh my gosh I got movie XYZ (where XYZ just came out in theatres) on VCD – it’s awesome quality too… only to borrow the damn thing and find out the video is grainy, the audio sux, some lame ass guy is chewing popcorn into the mike, 3 kids in the row in front of the camera kept standing up in the middle of the film, and the tape ran out 5 mins before the climax of the film.

    For G-d sakes people – I understand if you don’t want to shell out the $30 to see a flick in the theatre – and I hear ya if you can’t wait until Earth Girls are Easy II comes out on DVD – but don’t go wasting all your friends’ time by giving them sh!t to watch.
    If I wanted to watch a screen of grain with garbled audio – I’d pull out my old Zenith.

    nuff said.

    Comment by Giblet on July 26, 2004
  2. a free movie is a free movie.

    Comment by Ali on July 26, 2004
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