February 3 05


my husband, god bless him, just got back from Vegas.
i tried to cut him some slack while he was away and not be the whiney wife who complains and nags about all her problems (i’m pregnant, i feel like arse, i have a cold, the girl has scarlet fever, the boy is out of control, and i haven’t slept in 4 nights…)

so, when he got home i was expecting nothing less than full-on TLC.
what i got was….”honey, i’m sick.”

he’s the sick one. he stayed home today. granted, i believe him. i am sure that he’s not feeling well. but it’s just so typical…

and i asked him to drive carpool for me. i didn’t think it was a big deal – he was stying home anyway – he didn’t even need to get out of his pajamas. but, it would have allowed me to be on time for work for the first time since september…and carpool is the one thing about my day that drives me mental. i can’t handle it. he would have been helping me tremendously by doing one tiny little thing. but no.

so now i’ve got 3 babies at home. at least when he was in vegas i only had 2….


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