September 16 05

~~ I was so happy to see that the returning two survivors were Bobby Jon and Stephenie. i love them. although i could use a little less “eye-rolling back into the head” Bobby Jon and a little more “aw shucks” Bobby Jon. and Jeff called them “tools” – i got a good chuckle out of that one (i’m such a kindergartener).

~~ Poor Jim. he was so cute. but, then again, he voted for margaret. what a dumb-ass. but still a cute old man with the homemade sling.

~~ has anyone else noticed that the show has gotten awfully graphic in their puking coverage. it used to just be the noise, now they show EVERYTHING. yuck. kinda like that episode of Family Guy…only that was a cartoon.

~~ I was glad they didn’t get rid of Blake just yet (although from the previews his fate does not look good) – he’s all kinds of pretty. except for the teeth. were they glowing?

~~ okay..who was the FEMALE at tribal council with a full grown mustache??? imagine how bad that’s going to be a few weeks from now. i hope they vote her off quick.

~~ heh. Gary the landscaper. too bad there’s a sports reporter in the game. she’s for sure going to recognize him.

~~and the guy in the mud? Judd? was that his name? i laughed so hard i think i peed a little bit.

~~anyone else scared of the shrieking monkeys?

~~on what on god’s green earth is a fishmonger? that isn’t another term for a really, really short woman is it?


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