July 31 07

Josh: i want to change out of my bathing suit in the car, mommy.

Me: are you kidding? why?

Josh: so no one will see my wiener. [he did actually use the word wiener. and i’m still laughing about it]

Me: look. if you put your shirt on first, it will cover your *wiener*

Josh: but mommy, my penis is WAY too big for that. people will still see it hanging out on the bottom. [beat] and they will be jealous.


  1. No way?! tYat is hilarious Ali .. how did you stop yourself from laughing hysterically? Man .. these boys are too funny.

    Comment by Sarah on July 31, 2007
  2. OMG! Too funny!!!!

    Comment by Jay on July 31, 2007
  3. OMIGOSH!!!!! HEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! Too freaking funny! And, did he say wiener like “wienoh”?? 😉

    Comment by haley-o on July 31, 2007
  4. Oh, I hope my next kid is a boy! It sounds like oodles of fun conversations!

    Bet Daddy is proud!

    Comment by AndreAnna on July 31, 2007
  5. “They will be jealous.” Hilarious!

    Comment by RLGelber on July 31, 2007
  6. Love. It.

    Comment by ~JJ! on July 31, 2007
  7. Oh dear, where do they learn that stuff????

    Comment by Sleepynita on July 31, 2007
  8. That is pretty funny right there!

    Comment by J. on July 31, 2007
  9. OMG! I can’t stop laughing!!

    Comment by Jackie on July 31, 2007
  10. your kids are adorable!!! i luv that they say the funniest things 🙂

    Comment by Tova on July 31, 2007
  11. Hahahahaahahaha.

    Comment by Rebecca on July 31, 2007
  12. Now thats a little man!

    Comment by Sparky Duck on July 31, 2007
  13. Bwah! Bwahahahahahahahaha!!! HILARIOUS.

    Comment by Sadie on July 31, 2007
  14. Oh gosh! I laughed so hard that I actually snorted! Too funny!

    Comment by Just Janice on July 31, 2007
  15. HILARIOUS! I cannot believe penis envy starts so young!

    Comment by Multi-tasking Mommy on July 31, 2007
  16. Man, I would have had to be airlifted to the hospital if one of my kids said that. I’m still laughing!

    Comment by Erika, Plain Jane Mom on July 31, 2007
  17. Thanks for that — I’ll be chuckling all day!

    Comment by shelly on July 31, 2007
  18. Yep. That is the best conversation ever!!!

    Comment by Jennifer on July 31, 2007
  19. What? That is too funny. Cross your fingers he maintains his modesty when he gets older.

    Comment by andi on July 31, 2007
  20. That is so funny!! Boys are cute

    Comment by Naomi (Urban Mummy) on July 31, 2007
  21. I love Josh! He’s so funny!

    Comment by Keri on July 31, 2007
  22. Have you read The Birth House by Amy McKay?
    I highly recommend it.


    Comment by Keri on July 31, 2007
  23. Oh my gosh!!!!!!!!!! ROFL!!! I am totally dying!!! That IS the best conversation ever!!

    Comment by BlondeBlogger on August 1, 2007
  24. i think this is the loudest i’ve ever laughed at something i’ve read online. seriously. hilarious.

    Comment by lara on August 1, 2007
  25. Hahahahaha! Funny and self confident. What a kid!

    Comment by Nadine on August 1, 2007
  26. OMG!!! That is nothing short of HILARIOUS! I’m on the floor laughing right now!!

    Comment by Sara on August 1, 2007
  27. Funniest. Thing. Ever.

    Comment by emery jo on August 1, 2007
  28. Oh my lord, that’s awesome. How very considerate of him!

    Comment by Jen on August 3, 2007
  29. LMAO! I love kids. You can’t beat the things they say. Part of wht kept me working in daycare for five years, even though I made barely over minimum wage & worked fifty hour weeks.

    Comment by Dawn on August 4, 2007
  30. That made me laugh out loud. And I needed to laugh. It also made a GREAT argument that if this baby is a boy, I can get excited! Thanks for sharing!

    Comment by ffbgirl on August 6, 2007
  31. What can I say? LMFAO. Really.

    Comment by Her Bad Mother on August 8, 2007
  32. OMG. Usually I hate the cliche “boys will be boys” but ere, it just seems spot-on. God that is funny.

    Comment by kittenpie on August 8, 2007
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