March 9 05

Every time i answer the phone any time past 9pm, i get one of two reactions from the caller:

A) “OMG, did i wake you? I’m so sorry!” or
B) “You sound sick. Is everything okay?”

Every. single. time.
i don’t know what it is. At night i tend to get a little “stuffy” and congested, so maybe i tend to sound more nasal and “sick” and maybe i just sound sleepy.

Last night, when the phone rang at 10:30ish, i was NOT asleep. i was curled up in my bed, with my all-time favorite movie “Almost Famous” playing in the background while i read my new book, “Can You Keep a Secret?” (which, even though i’m only 60 pages in, i’m really enjoying), and drinking hot chocolate.

But, it still didn’t stop the caller from trying to convince me that i was sleeping.

  1. See what you think of this: My MIL can call at say, 8 or 8:30 PM and the first thing out of her mouth is, “Did I wake you?”
    Or when she calls at ten AM on Saturday, “DId I wake you?”
    Uh, no, I have two children, do you think I EVER get to sleep past seven?
    Finally I told her we don’t go to bed before ten at night. Didn’t matter, she still asks if we are asleep when she calls, even at SIX AT NIGHT!!

    Comment by Tisha from Texas on March 9, 2005
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