March 28 06

yes, i know it’s an unoriginal title, and yes, i use it every time i write about carpool…
but i was beginning to think that carpool couldn’t get worse.
and then guess what?
it did.

now, twice a week, i have to leave my office in Markham and drive to morning school, pick up the three kids, and then drive them to afternoon school, give them lunch and then drive back to work. joy. oh, and i also have to face the boy who goes home with Aviva (poor Aviva…i left him crying…) when all he wants to do is go home with me.

oh, and those boys. one is worse than the other. and i actually asked him if this is how he behaves when his mother drives. he said yes. and then i called him on it. i told him i was going to call his mom and ask her if he misbehaves and is rude and burps and farts and all the other lovely things 5-year-old boys do. then he stopped. surprise, surprise. that’s it. from now on, i’ll put the fear of Esther into him.

also, the girl is slightly attached and was weepy today. this, of course, is the result of my going back to work. great. just what i needed. guilt.


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