October 14 05

~~not the pretty!!! come on, people, he might like to talk about himself…a lot…but he’s sooo gosh darn pretty to look at. much prettier than Brian, who is currently looking like a white man’s Will Smith (i can’t take credit for that…that was the husband’s contribution)

~~Stephenie needs to shut the fuck up. now. she’s way overrated this season.

~~Lydia and her spastic pancake dance. made me pee my pants.

~~I love Amy. and i adore her accent. “bawby jawn” – kills me! i hope she doesn’t die next week. and i can’t wait to see the showdown between Jamie and Bobby J. should be a good one!

~~”Do y’all wanna finish?” oh Jamie. oh poor, poor Jamie. Beaten by a farmer. and beaten badly.


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