March 31 05

01) Thinking that the way people typically write email/IM is fine or thinking that the way people typically write email/IM is atrocious and they should learn to write properly?
i tend to think it’s pretty bad, but it’s email and as long as it’s not for business, and the other person can read it, who cares?

02) American Idol judge Simon Cowell or American Idol judge Randy Jackson?
definitely more like Simon Cowell. i tend to be snarky and very critical. just wish i had the British accent…

03) “Life ain’t nuthin’ but peaches ‘n honey” or “Life ain’t nuthin’ but bitches ‘n money”?
peaches and honey….for the most part.

04) Proud of your morals or proud of your accomplishments?
proud of my accomplisments

05) Spicy Indian food or spicy Thai food?
since Indian food makes me want to lose my lunch, i’ll go with the Thai.

06) A vicious fighter or a sissy fighter?
vicious with my words, not with my body. but, i’m NO sissy. if you’re fighting with me, be afraid.

07) Easy going with yourself because hey, man, who needs the stress or hard on yourself because you know you can do better?
hard on myself. i’m my worst critic. but i come by in naturally. i get it from my mother.

08) Lazy or a compulsive worker bee?
ooh…neither. more of a compulsive worker bee than lazy, though.

09) Likely to be kind to a complete stranger or likely to be indifferent to a complete stranger?
likely to be kind.

10) Gifted or blessed?
i’m blessed. very blessed.

lifted from Scratching the Itch.


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