January 30 06

~awesome, awesome episode. color me impressed this week. where do i even start? Holy Crap! Izzy has a daughter! totally did not see that coming.

~whoa! the anti-bailey. bring back my bailey, please! she’s altogether too perky for my liking. “wanna hug it out”…bitch! (oh, i miss Entourage…)

~oh, that mcdreamy mclook. i would have been way weak in the knees for that! i’m glad they didn’t kiss, though. not yet.

~best line? “She’s a lesbian, but that’s okay, right?” or maybe “Enjoy your syphilis Olivia”

~last night every single actor on the show impressed the hell out of me. meredith? she was perfect. derek, burke, cristina, george, izzy. they were all fantastic.


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