April 10 06

~“Ma, you came this close to making your goal.” ha. i guess Ginny didn’t quite lose those pesky 8 pounds. kidding aside, i love Johnny Sac’s family. love them. even the anorexic one.
~“Allegra? Isn’t that a cold medicine?” my goodness, he’s an idiot, but he makes me laugh.
~what’s the deal with Chrissy and the taliban, anyway? think he’s being set up by the feds? or just being set up to do something idiotic again?
~hey! paulie blacked out the “mom” on his tattoo!
~loved the scene at the table with Tony and Johnny. “What? What did he say??” “What?” “Stay out of trouble!”
~any ideas on Vito? offing the two guys before they have a chance to talk? offing himself? turning himself over to the feds? anyone?
~best line of the night: Carmela: “didn’t we just go to Allegra’s christening?” Tony: “yeah, a 50 pound bundle of joy.”
~How about AJ’s date saying she won’t eat the fish because of the “toxins,” right before she sucks on her cigarette? Heh.
~Yes, Tony, Blockbuster is the “first stop on the shitbird express!”

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