April 26 06

top three:
Elliot – his vocals are amazing. amazing. he’s so good. i mean, he even makes Paula wet cry.
Chris – HAWT. that’s all i have to say.
Paris – probably one of my least favorite songs…but, they’re right…she really can sing anything.

bottom three:
Katharine – wow…the judges totally ripped Kat a new one, didn’t they? it seemed weird. sure, it wasn’t a great great performance, but it wasn’t THAT bad. and i totally saw some mcphunderpants last night. and how rude was Ryan “maybe people with the volume turned down will vote for you”.
Kellie – WHAT. WAS. THAT.???
Taylor – i dunno. he just totally lost me on this one. not a good song choice for him.

going tonight? it’s gotta be the pickler. it’s just got to.

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