February 8 06

..okay, i wasn’t going to write about last night’s final audition city, Boston, but since i spent the entire hour peeing in my pants, i figured i’d go for it.

~best line? “Line?”
~Clay Fakin…I could ahve gone without seeing him button up his pants in the cloakroom….cloakroom????…all those poor coats…I guess that’s an English thing…
~Ayla Brown was built up too much. she was good, but i was expecting her to rock it.
~how bout when foreign strip tease girl got the flower got stuck in her hair?? ha!
~Kenneth. oh Kenneth. oh lordy. “Cher, you’re not going to Hollywood.” was anyone else hoping he’d share his Judy garland with us too?
~okay, i’m sorry, but Becca hot-twin was not good at all. either was her sister mimicking her on the sidelines. and of course, Maxim’s already got them…
~I liked Josh Groban jr. great voice!
~Tatiana – i liked that she like Randy’s sweater (cuz i did too) but she lost me when she said “My dad’s sexy!” – ew.
~Of the four people they showed who got through though, Simon didn’t give one yes. i can’t wait for tonight!!


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