March 13 06

Grey’s Anatomy

~he’s totally going back to Addison, isn’t he? no!!!!!!! he and Meredith had such good chemistry. in the opening scene with the dog, and sharing the drink….they are SOOO meant for each other.

~it’s nice to see Meredith looking good again. seriously, she looked amazing. and i LOVED when she called McDreamy out “Does Addison know we’re friends?”

~At first i felt really badly for George. now i think he need to grow himself a pair. seriously. the silent treatment, is so sixth grade? and oh, man, that hair? it’s total hobbit hair. i’m nto saying what Meredith did was right…but they need to work it out.

~i used to be all into the cuteness between Izzy and Denny. now, i’m just completely creeped out by the whole thing.

~Why is Bailey bringing the baby to work? i get that there’s a point to be made forcing bab/cristina time…but it’s that just the slightest bit unprofessional? and Bailey is SOO professional.

Sopranos – MAJOR SPOILERS if you haven’t seen it yet. you’ve been warned.

~I am THRILLED to have my favorite family back on the screen. it’s been way way way too long. does anyone think they might do the rest of the season starting where season 5 left off…and maybe lead up to this episode where tony dies?? no? just me…alrighty, then. so, we’re assuming that he lives.

~it was a very “weighty” episode. Tony on the scale, taking off his shoes and pants. awesome! tony, hon, i’ve been there. every little bit helps. Vito losing all that weight. the agent getting a parasite. even Melfi was looking a little big…

~Carmela’s such an ass. flaunting that new Porsche (“Like the Peppa”) all around town, especially rubbing it in Ginny Sack’s wounds. bee-otch.

~We saw Gene’s suicide coming a mile away. he was trapped and there was only one way out. now, his wife can move to Florida and the government can’t come and take his money. i didn’t, however, foresee a hanging. yikes.

~i didn’t care at all for the voice-over bit in the beginning. it wasn’t the Tony getting the paper in his bathrobe beginning i was expecting.

~it was good to see Ade….even if it was a dream.

Big Love
did anyone watch this???
i’m so curious what all your thoughts are!
it’s early days. too soon to form an opinion.
and lots of unanswered questions.
but, it was interesting to see how each wife fits so differently into the family. i’d love to see the backstory of how it came to be,
and wait…what do their neighbors think? that he’s only married to Barb? is that why he had to be sneaky in the morning?
but Ginnifer Goodwyn is on it, and i LOVE her.
and Tina Majorino too. and i’ll watch anything she’s in (except for maybe Andre)


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