May 12 06

Chris got me with his top five dinner guests. this was a HARD one. i decided to go for 5 women.

Oprah Winfrey
Jackie Kennedy
Anne Frank
Ellen Degeneres
Audrey Hepburn

(although someone wrote Lester Bangs…and i would say that if my meal were to include men, he’d be on the list…)

Beth got me with her whole let’s toot our own horns thing and say amazing things about yourself… this one was harder than the dinner guests… how does a person with a crap-crap-crappy self image start saying nice things about herself??

1. i’m a good cook. which, i think, is amazing, since my mother is one of the worst cooks in the world.
2. i have amazing skin. which, i’ll thank my mother for. she didn’t pass on any cooking genes…and i got the pulkees (that’s a nice yiddish word for big chunky thighs) and the chicken ankles…but she did pass on the great, great skin. thanks, mom.
3. i have good hair and pretty eyes. my two best features, i think.
4. i’m pretty smart. and i have the SAT’s to prove it.

whew. that knocked me out.
okay…your turn…


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