June 9 05

my sister in law and i have birthdays that are 5 days apart. so, my inlaws bought Sharon and her hubby and me and the husband tickets to see Ain’t Misbehavin last night.

The whole evening began disastrous. sharon, david and the husband all work downtown so they were already there. i was meeting them downtown (taking the subway…by myself!) so, my inlaws asked if i wanted to come over with the kids for dinner and then they’d drive me to the subway. for some reason, i thought this was a good idea.

not such a good idea. my inlaws wanted to eat outside in the 95 degree heat…so by the time i fed the kids (who were nutty) dinner, took Joshie to the bathroom 3 times, got on the subway, rode the subway, and met them at the theater, i was a sweaty, gross mess. ew. so, i felt like crap going in to this thing.

and then…the play was AWFUL. there was no story. no plot. it was all singing. and all bad. there was no one good looking in the audience to even look at. no setting – just a piano. no nice costumes.

we barely made it to intermission, and then left to go to the Bier Markt, which is a very cool place…when you aren’t 7 months pregnant. i will most definitely have to go back when i can try all these really funky beers. Sharon got a strawberry beer! insanity!

so, needless to say, we did not tell my inlaws that we left early. and when we went to their house to pick up the jeep, my father in law ranted and raved about how amazing he thought it was. hmph.

i appreciate their thoughts, but next year i think i’ll put in a birthday request…and i think we’ll be sending my father in law to see the Vagina Monologues for his birthday. payback time!


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