November 9 05

~~Phil was just way way too close to that cliff. even the husband noticed!

~~okay, i’m actually kind of sad to see the Paolos go. Mama Paolo is aces in my books for saying, “Why are we going to Phoenix? I want to go to New Zealand!”. me too, Mama, me too. and Papa Paolo is in my good books too for telling the Bransens to put on clothing before they got on the mat. that was really nice. but the boys are still asses.

~~”You look ridiculious” – hahahahahahaha!

~~Gee, Weavers, guess what? throwing things at other cars on the highway, trying to get the guy at the Grand Canyon to slow down the Linzs and hating the Godlewskis when they were trying to cheer up tend to make other people dislike you. get off my tv, now!

~~the Paolos in their skivvies.

~~i still love the linz family. loved them since the beginning. it’s funny that everyone was calling them the “cincinnati boys.” i guess maybe it’s because Megan finally got her balls.

~~please, please, please bring back the old amazing race. i’m seriously missing it. this season is such crap…


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