March 9 05

the goods:
Carrie – not her best, but she’s so good, that it doesn’t matter. and Simon loves her.
Nadia – she rocks the stage. she’s awesome.

the mehs:
Vonzell – the outfit? i mean, seriously.
Lindsey – at least she picked a good song. even if she didn’t sing it all that well.
Mikalah – she needs to stay away from the Babs…even though honestly i had no idea that was Barbra Streisand…i was sure it was from West Side Story…
Jessica – she bugs the hell out of me. maybe it’s her ginormous ta-tas hanging out of her shirt (“the boys are back in town” ha!), or that she still looks too much like Miss Piggy to me. Why do the judges love her??? (then again, these are the same judges who loved Corey Clark)

the bads:
Janay, Janay, Janay – yes, she was so bad, i said it thrice. how is she still around?
Amanda – she should go home tonight, but since she brings the pretty, she’ll probably get voted into the top 12. Tina? please.


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