February 24 05

i’m shocked to see that Janay made it through. who the heck voted for her???

but, i’m not at all upset about the 4 who got eliminated. i enjoyed Melinda’s deer- caught-in-headlights total confusion when she got eliminted. and why did Ryan torture an entire row of people, just to blurt out, “Judd, you’re gone.” that was an ass-y move.

but, honestly, who didn’t think it was Joseph being eliminted? i mean, even he was peeing in his pants. pairing him off against Anwar? whatever.

and what was the deal with leaving Constantine standing there? Is Seacrest losing it?

  1. yeah what was up with the “judd, you’re gone” i think that was pretty cruel. i wonder if he screwed up and was trying to cover up or they were trying to up the suprise factor. either way, it was really mean.

    Comment by Anonymous on February 24, 2005

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