March 1 05

the goods:
Anwar – i love him. he started a little week, but really pulled through.
Nikko Smith – i like this guy. he’s unique. and has a great voice. and he does NOT look a thing like Bobby Brown.
Bo Bice – he was good. the long frizzy hair jumping around stage isn’t quite my thing, but he kicks Constantine’s rocker ass.

the mehs:
Mario Vasquez – he’s too much of the same thing. i feel like we’re going to be seeing the same exact performance each week out of him.
Scott Savol – meh. did nothing for me.
Travis Tucker – a far cry from last week. at least he was enjoyable to watch this week. still not fantastic, though.
Anthony Federov – eh.

the bads:
Joseph Murina – better than last week. still bad.
David Brown – I HATE to say this because i think he can be amazing. he was awful last night, and i fear that this is goodbye for David. He needs to remember that he’s in a “competition” -not just singing for himself.
Constantine – my husband can sing “hard to handle” about 400 times better than double-chinned Constantine

  1. I heard that Constantine’s double chin really bugs people… If you think that is bad, check out Federov. I know it’s really insensitive of me, but he for sure had a tracheotomy ’cause you could see a friggin hole in his neck.

    I’ll take the extra chin over a hole any day.


    Comment by Anonymous on March 1, 2005
  2. you must have missed his audition when he said he had one and that people never thought he’d be able to win.

    i think one of the biggest reasons he made it as far as he did was because everyone LOVES a sob story!

    Comment by Ali on March 1, 2005

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