January 12 05

My love for Adam and Rebecca grows this week…

Rebecca: We don’t know if Kris and Jon are going to make the flight.
Adam: Kris and Jon are five feet behind you.
ha! i was dying of laughter at that.

and when Rebecca said, “This isn’t a Fast Forward, it’s a Slow Forward.” i fell in love. and when Adam was floundering in the water, i fell in love all over again. i really hope they win.

did anyone else catch Lori dying to take of sip of Bolo’s foot-flavored grape juice?

Jonathan: “I don’t know what a ‘moat’ means!!” ha! i guess they don’t teach things like moats in asshole school. and when he told Victoria it was all her fault because adam and rebecca got to the fast forward first. the hell? why exactly was it victoria’s fault? did you notice how peeved Phil was when Jonathan jumped on the mat?

Hayden is a first-class bitch. poor aaron. he should hook up with Rebecca.
Kris and Jon – were as awesome as always. they held their cool at the airport when their reservations got all messed up, and Kris’ Lucy face was adorable.


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