April 5 05

lifted from Stacy:

Accent: Chicago (mixed with some Canadian)
Bra Size: usually 32B, right now 34D! yikes!
Chore I hate: putting away anything – clean clothes from the laundry, dried dishes out of the drainer, dishes out of the dishwasher.
Dad’s name: Steve
Essential make-up: MAC concealer (for under my eyes to get rid of the black) and lip gloss
Favorite perfume: Vera Wang
Gold or Silver: Silver or white gold
Hometown: Milwaukee
Interesting fact: i can touch my nose with my tongue
Job title: Editor
Kids: Emily and Joshua, plus the little bunny on the way
Living arrangements: we own our own house (and when i saw “own”, i mean we pay lots and lots of money to the bank for it)
Mom’s birthplace: Austria
Number of apples eaten in last week: None
Overnight hospital stays: 3 (one with each of the kids and one when i fell while i was pregnant)
Phobia: Vomiting
Question you ask yourself a lot: “Do i look fat?”
Religious affiliation: Jewish
Siblings: 3 – one sister and two brothers
Time I wake up: anywhere between 6:15 and 7:15
Unnatural hair color: light brown with blond highlights
Vegetable I refuse to eat: i pretty much eat them all
Worst habit: picking at my head
X-rays: elbow, toe
Yummy food I make: i make lots and lots of good stuff….:)
Zodiac sign: Gemini


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