August 17 05

As good as my labor experience was, that’s how bad my first night in the hospital experience was. and it had nothing to do with my little bunny, who was excellant her entire first night.

well, she was born at 7:41, so by the time i got into my room – semi-private, even though we requested private – it was time to kick the husband out. to leave me all alone. on my first night. I was NOT happy.

and girl i was sharing a room with was no older than 15. no joke. and it was already her 3rd or 4th night in recovery. she was a single mom, who had no relationship with the father of her baby. and she had the baby from hell. he cried the ENTIRE NIGHT. and the poor girl, Hilary, called for a nurse every 15 minutes the entire night….well, after 2 am, til which time she was making phone calls to all her friends.

i finally fell asleep. and in comes my nurse to take me to my first bathroom visit. great. just what i wanted. then, i went back to bed and finally got comfortable again, when in came the peditrician to examine the baby. at 2:30 in the morning. so, she unwrapped the baby from her comfy bundling and started playing with her. she was not happy. either was i.

i couldn’t wait for the morning to come quickly enough. it was such a horrible experience that when the husband showed up at 9, we made it our goal to get out of there before 7pm – their original time to let me go. well, we did it and were out of the hospital by 1.

i want to know how it is that my friend Tova, who had her baby on Friday night this week, in the same hospital, spent friday night, saturday, sunday and monday morning in her own room….and i got to share my room with Hilary. NOT FAIR, i tell you!

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