June 2 05

well, i won the air conditioner battle. it’s officially up and running in the Martell household. i guess now i’m going to have to start locking my car…(although the truth is, i’d really love someone to come and steal it. take it off my hands!)

last night we took the kidlets to Canada’s Wonderland. or Canada’s WonderS land, as both my kids call it. And even though we have a summer schedule on our fridge, we didn’t think to check to make sure it was open. turns out that it closed at 6, and since we got there at 5:30, it didn’t leave us much time to do much for anything. but since we have season’s passes, we weren’t too bothered and had a nice picnic with uri and michelle and their kids. and i’ve got a rockin’ Jimmy Neutron stamp that will not wash off. lucky me.


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