August 6 04

For those of you who remember my goals of the week, i was able to accomplish 4 out of 5. For those of you who don’t remember or who need a little refresher, look here.

The only goal i have yet to accomplish is buying the gifts that we owe. That will be a number 1 priority on my list for next week. Technically, i didn’t lose three pounds, but we got a new scale and it’s putting me at about 2 pounds less than i weighed yesterday…so even if it’s not actually losing the weight, it puts me at a number that i’m happy with.

I think i get a little extra bonus for finally calling facilities to come up and fix my workstation. Oh, thank heavens for Wendy. She’s officially saved my life – well, she’s definitely saved my back. She came in and basically told me i was a mess. She fixed my chair, raised my monitor, aligned it correctly, and got me a corner thingy-ma-jig for my keyboard. She’s also decied that she needs to drill a whole in the back of my desk to move the compter base (is that what it’s called??) to the floor, so it’s out of my way. ah!!! i’m a happy camper.


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