October 3 11

4 states. 1 province.

15 tolls.

2 bowls of chicken noodle and matzo ball soup.

2 Super Targets.

1 religion throwdown with a complete stranger. (That was fun.) It started when I was told that I need to have TWO ovens or I need to SELF-CLEAN my oven between cooking something that is meat and something that has dairy in it. Oh my god, I am not even going to get started on this…

187 performances of Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

28 melty bead projects ironed.

1 traffic jam.

3 comments about my weight.

1 comment about my hair.

4 comments about my husband’s hair.

0 comments about my children’s hair.

7 pieces of stuffing kugel.

11 bathroom stops.

6 slices of cake.

114 kisses given to the candy man in exchange for 114 candies.

6 politically-filled meals.

1 Harry Potter book finished (#6)

18 pieces of challah and honey.

1 pair of ruby red slippers bought…just in case. (Auditions are tomorrow. Fingers crossed please.)

7 hours in synagogue.

5 coats forgotten in Toronto.

3 straight days of rain.

2.5 days with @kristabella.

11 boxes of American cereals.

2 pieces of Missoni for Target pieces purchased. Neither one is for me.

0 sleep-ins.

1 nap.

1 morning of FROST.

84 games of Settlers of Catan and Settlers of America.

Happy Rosh Hashanah to me.

Truth be told, the last few days have been such a blur. We piled our pajama-d muffins into the car at 6am on Wednesday morning—after a stressful two days of trying to fit a tremendous amount of work into just two short days (7 blog posts, 5 slideshows, 1 newsletter OH MY!) and an attempt to pack up the five of us (plus a dog!)—and arrived minutes before the holiday began. We didn’t even have time to shower. I guess that’s what happens when you stop several times to pee and you force your family to stop at Target and then you get stuck on a toll road behind trucks that are moving an entire bridge. Seriously, Indiana, who moves a BRIDGE in the middle of the day on a Wednesday?

When my family gets together, I can count on at least two things happening: 1. my mother will make a comment about my hair and 2. my mother will attempt to fix my bra straps. Both of these things happened, obviously, along with all of the other things that I can count on…We will talk about my baby brother’s love life. We will talk about THE PACKERS. We will talk about hoarding and why there are still 96 scary clown-faced dolls in my 37-year-old sister’s room. We will play cards and Catan. We will EAT A LOT OF BAKED GOODS. We will spend a lot of time with family and people who are like family and we will eat a lot of meals and talk about politics. We will let the kids stay up too late and we will let them sing too many songs. We will forget that the closest thing to alcohol in my mom’s house is Kedem Grape Juice. We will play Spit and with melty beads. We will forget to bring clothing that is warm enough.

It’s always too short. It’s always too hectic. It’s always too full of eating. It’s always too many days of being unplugged and not being able to use electronics. It’s always slightly tense, slightly tiring, slightly insane.

It simultaneously makes me want to live in Milwaukee and makes me glad I don’t live in Milwaukee.

It’s always exactly how it should be.

I can’t wait for Passover.


  1. Our mothers are cut from the same cloth, I swear! Also, my feelings about being “home” are always the sme – I want real estate there but little to no residence. When I return I feel like I am coming out of a slight fog.

    Comment by Rae Ann on October 3, 2011
  2. Mmmmm….that challah looks delicious. Also, how is Catan America? I played Catan for the first time this past weekend and we played the Seafarers expansion which was fun.

    Comment by Hockeymandad on October 3, 2011
  3. Well, we are addicts.
    We love regular catan and seafarers too.
    And we love Settlers of America…I think it’s Trails to Rails? It’s really really fun…very different than regular catan, though. Lots of rules. But super fun!

    Comment by ali on October 3, 2011
  4. I would not be sad at all if you moved to Milwaukee!

    I too can’t wait for Passover and matzah pizza!

    Comment by Kristabella on October 3, 2011
  5. So many comments. First of all, happy holidays to you! Second, um, the clown dolls are in your sister’s former room right (ie is it her childhood room – she doesn’t live in that room anymore right? Although, not judging, if she is 37 and lives in a clown doll room, ok then!). Third, I was convinced for a while that Kedem grape juice was alcoholic. Fourth, my mom will discretely fix my bra straps but there was a horrific moment that my mother in law tried to ‘fix’ my bra strap…except it was my bikini strap (which was, by the way, not in need of assistance) and she almost made me lose my top “Girls gone Wild” style at a busy beachside restaurant in Miami. So there’s that. My reaction pretty much guaranteed that there will be no bra strap fixing in the future. PS I hope that the hair comments you got were all positive because your hair is purty.

    Comment by Jen on October 3, 2011
  6. I’m glad you had a great trip.

    I either need to re-learn how to read or sleep better tonight. These are the things I read and then had to re-read. Title=25 Hours in a Grand Canyon
    This line: 7 pieces of stuffing kugel. = 7 pieces of stuffing kegel

    I was pretty confused about what you were doing in the Grand Canyon doing kegels.

    Comment by Corey on October 3, 2011
  7. That wounds exactly like my kind of trip.

    Oh…see that? I typed wounds instead of sounds.

    Did I mention that my mom just barely left after a week of being here judging my hair and physical appearance?

    Yeah, wounds.

    Pass the challah.

    Comment by moosh in indy. on October 3, 2011
  8. The cereal cracked me up. We have our annual pilgrimage south of the border this Saturday and cereal is on the list (Pebbles cereal in my case).
    Crossing my fingers that the ruby red shoes will do the trick! 🙂
    And…holy cow that’s one crazy long weekend!!

    Comment by Amanda on October 3, 2011
  9. I think you said pretty much what happens in every family on Rosh Hashana, too much of everything good and had good runs . shana tova 🙂

    Comment by yaniv on October 4, 2011

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