December 14 05

we FINALLY have the end of the worst installment of the Amazing Race.
but, since Adina and i can’t NOT watch, she came over to watch with me last night.

and we were way too excited that first they went to Montreal (where she lives) and then they went to Toronto (where i live) woot! on an interesting side note…as if you didn’t think Canadians were weird enough, adina told me that it is illegal in quebec to have yellow margarine. illegal. margarine.

and the final task? awesome. although i really would have liked to have seen the weavers even try to fill in a map.

i love the linz family. i was rooting for them from the first episode. stade. “Who dey? Who dey? Who dey that think they can beat the Linzes? No one, ’cause we won the million dollars!”

and i think Carissa saying “GO WALLY!” might have been the cutest thing I’ve ever seen..

good way to end a really big mistake of a season, phil. hats off to you. and coming in february – – 5 continents people!! woohoo!

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