June 8 05

So, last night i went to see Rebecca Eckler speak to a bunch of Jewish women about finding balance in our lives. I’ll admit it, when i heard about the opportunity, i was thrilled. My friend Aimee asked me if i wanted to go because Mia had to go to class (thanks, Mia!) and i practically jumped at the chance.

I love Rebecca Eckler….mostly because she’s me, to a t (well, minus the unwed motherhood part). Skinny, Jewish writer. 3 parts snark, 1 part actual talent. and she has my dream job. she writes “Me journalism” for a Nationally syndicated newspaper. and she gets to work at home, in her pajamas.

So, Aimee and i stressed about how we were going to look, how we were going to dress. After all, we wanted Rebecca to be our friends. When we walked in, we noticed her. actually, it wasn’t right away, because her hair looked GOOD. Usually, she’s got an Alannis Morrissette stringy unkempt hair thing going on, but her hair looked nice – it was straightened (probably professionally) and it was shiny. and she was so skinny. and she had a tattoo!

When she got up to speak, i was expecting her to blow me away with her wit and sarcasm. Instead, she rambled on about nothing. she fidgeted. she stuttered. she began stories and didn’t finish them. she started telling stories in the middle. she was a mess. i felt bad for the poor woman. i just wanted to put her out of her misery.

imagine that. feeling embarrassed for someone i idolize.

she told us how chose journalism (her drama teacher told her to), how she got into her program (pure luck) and how she landed her job at The National Post (pure luck, again).

she told us about celebrities she interviewed. Ones she liked (Kate Hudson) and ones she didn’t like (Denzel Washington spit his gum out at her feet and JLo made her wait for 2 hours). she told us about times she’d gotten in trouble with publicists (for saying a rock band went to a strip club)

we got to hear about the fiance. the engagement party, which became the conception party. telling her family members that she was pregnant. the friend and the almost affair. and of course, about having baby Rowan.

she told us about things she does and says that are controversial – she likes the anorexic look and she thinks Nicole Ritchie looks good (what??) and she opted for a scheduled c-section.

but the real fun began when she took questions from the audience. one woman wouldn’t stop asking questions….what does your mother in law think of that? what did the fiance say? are you going to have more children? are you going to wait until you get married? are you ever going to get married? it just didn’t stop. the woman was out of control.

and Aimee and i, of course, were out of control with laughter.

and then another woman says “You don’t know this, but we did some digging and we found someone from your past. YOUR OLD BABYSITTER!” the sitter was glowing. and Rebecca seemed uncomfortable and didn’t give a crap that the old sitter was there. “Rebecca! You’ve changed so much.” um, yes, it’s been how many years????

when it was all over, i wanted to talk to Rebecca. so, in a point that i have to consider one of my lowest, i stood in line behind all the Jewish yentas to get a piece of her. all the woman wanted to do was eat her fruit, but instead was bombarded with women all wanting to do the same thing i did – – -talk to Rebecca, even though they had not a thing to say.

finally, i got my turn. and she told me i looked good!! and i asked how to get her job. and she was about to tell me too, until this rude Rebecca-hogger had to start talking about Brooke Shields and Tom Cruise. What the hell?

but the biggest kicker of the night came when Alina, Aimee’s sister, asked to see a photo of baby Rowan. So, Rebecca pulls out this red bag that resembled Mary Poppins’ carpet bag and went fishing though all her things. she pulled out a crumpled picture, that was folded in half, and had a tiny image of Rowan in the corner.

My perception of Rebecca Eckler has changed slightly. I think she’s a little bit ditsy and dim-witted. and i do think she should stick to her pen and paper. but, i still am envious of her job, and i will still continue to read her writing.

ah, and i won an autographed copy of “Knocked Up.” I have NEVER won anything in my entire life. so, all in all, the perfect evening 🙂


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